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Sun Messengers, imperfect darkness

Friday night was the Sun Messengers. Alas, they didn't play "Celebration", but it was fine anyway. Sara even made me get up and dance. Um, well, sort of. She danced a little and I sort of bounced up and down slightly at the edge of the crowd.

Saturday we did some shopping for produce at Kerrytown and then mostly hung out with the jugglers for the afternoon. I stole away for an hour to do a little bit of work. Somehow I found myself more antisocial lately--I'm happier if I can do stuff on my own a few hours a day. The band that night was a reggae band ("Roots Rock Society") that I found boring, so we didn't stay to the end.

Sunday we heard the Carillon concert again, stsayed for Repercussions (which I find sort of inoffensive but for some reason unengaging), then saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Which was frantic--the ball was well done, partly because it was one of the few things that was actually prepared for and dealt with over a period of time--but the rest of it seemed like a mad rush from one event to the next.

Also, most of the scenes in the movie are quite dark, and one of the problems with Top of the Park is that they can't really remove all the ambient lighting, with the result that in some scenes you could see the shadow of the trees from street lamps easier than the scene itself.