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testing, eating, drinking, listening

Last week was the CITI-hosted NFSv4 "bakeathon", so was hectic for me. In particular, I'd promised a brief presentation on Wednesday, and had very little time to prepare; so I gathered my small amount of data for the presentation last Sunday, then put together the presentation Tuesday and Wednesday--I was still writing slides as Andy was driving me to the meeting.

Monday and Wednesday night both I went to the Arbor Brewing Company with bakeathon people. Thursday I went to the Corner Brewery to see Dave's brother Robin play with Jenna Mammina. The music was fun. I think Robin is an amazing accompanist. It was also good to see Jenna's brother Nino there singing--last time we saw him he was in a wheelchair and not talking.

People from work showed up a little later. Between Dave's family, and Jenna's family, and work people, and Murph, who was chatting with people at a nearby table, it was sort of fun to be surrounded by people I knew for different reasons.

The Corner Brewery has beer but only allows ordering out for food, so after a beer I left with Trond and company for the Sidetrack. Dave and Robin joined us a little later. It was all very pleasant. But Friday I was too tired to do much.

I stopped by juggling Saturday but wasn't too motivated, so went back to work for a while, then went to a birthday party. I still was feeling a little low on energy, though, and didn't talk to people much.

Sunday I worked some more at the Media Union.

I've been listening to Miles Davis's version of "Someday My Prince Will Come". My favorite moment is the start of the first trumpet solo, where he plays three eighth notes that kick off the chorus and temporarily give it a really distinct rhythm.

I also hadn't noticed before how they add an extra 8 bar pedal point before and after Coltrane's solo--it's as if they're saying "watch out! Here he comes!"

I have too many CD's; any one of them could last me a year if I listened hard enough.