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Noé defends

Friday morning I went to see friend and juggler Noé defend his thesis on coronal mass ejections. He actually included lots of introductory stuff, so it was interesting even those of us in the back row just there to cheer Noé on.

That night we met at Grizzly Peak to celebrate. But it was too crowded, so we ended up at Conor O'Neils instead. They have a side room, new as of a year or two ago I think, that was reasonably quiet. By the end, we were the only people there and could run around firing finger flingers at each other without bothering any other patrons.

Anja and Belen had made Noé an impressively silly hat. Apparently it's a German tradition.

Saturday I stopped by the farmer's market, did a little juggling, and ate a little at Saigon Garden afterwards.

Sunday I did a little work on Arbor Update and skimmed back through "Never Let Me Go", taking notes for my Tuesday book group meeting. It still impresses and depresses me simultaneously.