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and more ice

The ice lasted all day, and yesterday morning still covered the trees, but it was also sunny and clear, so the light shining on the ice-coated trees was even more dramatic. I tried taking a few pictures on my way home, with the street lights illuminating the trees in odd ways, but it was too dark and nothing really showed up.

I ordered a laptop in early december to replace one that died, but it still hasn't arrived; it turns out one of the key parts (a 12.1" SXGA+ LCD) has been slow in coming. In fact, other vendors offer laptops with the same feature, but none claim those laptops are in stock--so maybe everybody's waiting on the same factory someplace....

Meanwhile I found another laptop that belonged to a student that's since graduated--it's an identical model to mine, since several of us ordered the same model together at once--and I traded some parts around and seem to have managed to get both laptops working.

So I'm wondering if I should cancel the long-delayed laptop and order something else, or keep waiting and use these two now-mostly-working laptops in the meantime. I so did have my heart set on the LCD with the ridiculous dot-pitch. Ho-hum.

I'm spending the first half of February in California, part of that time hacking and testing with other NFSv4 people, hence the particular concern for access to some nice portable computing power....

Tonight I braved the cold on my bike to take it to the bike store a few minutes from work--the chain's been skipping a bit (I'll be pedaling up a hill and suddenly--ca-chunk!--it'll feel as though it shifted itself, though it ends up in the same gear--I think the chain and/or rear sprocket thingies are worn out). Anyway, maybe with that fixed I'll start biking again a little more.