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Baby, the stars shine bright

Wednesday afternoon I met some coworkers (mainly the interns) at Saigon Garden for dinner, followed by an hour or two at Pinball Pete's.

Friday afternoon my favorite local algebraic topologist Igor played some Bach on the organ in the Blanche Anderson Moore Hall, which is magnificent. We should go to more concerts there. It's less than a ten-minute walk from our apartment, too, so we have no excuse not to.

We got a bite to eat at home then got a lift from Ajit back to central campus, where we met Paul for the first of the summer's Japanese film series, Kamikaze Girls, which was great. Maybe it could have been more subtle, or shorter here and there, but it was hilarious.

Saturday we made it to the farmer's market, then I got a little work done in my office while Sara napped. Juggling went well, then I went off on my own to do a little more work before meeting up with the jugglers again at Ajit's for some games.