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Diag, Arb, X

I slept in kind of late, and then stayed in bed to finish Jaime Hernandez's "Locas"--a kind of wild, at times hard to follow, but very interesting book.

I walked downtown by way of the farmer's market, where I picked up garlic, onions, and squash. I also got a couple DVD's at the library (a collection of Charlie Chaplin shorts, and Kieslowski's "Red"), which I may or may not actually get around to watching. Then I juggled on the diag for a couple hours.

Afterwards we ate at T.K. Wu's (Madras Masala, the original choice, closes Saturday afternoons) and hung out a little while at Amir's. Wendy, Ajit, and Paul went off to see "Howl's Moving Castle", and Sara, Dave and I dropped off some stuff in Sara's office and then walked around the arb and tossed a frisbee a little.

By the time we got to Top of the Park, "Blue Tango" was playing. We listened to some of that, then to a few songs by "Lady Sunshine and the X Band", then went home.