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Sara came down with something last week, and since Friday I've been feeling about to come down with the same thing, but it's never quite hit. I think I'm just going to be a little stupid and tired for a few days without really ever getting sick.

But anyway Saturday neither of us actually felt like going anywhere, so it was a quiet day at home for me, though Sara did a little shopping and work in the afternoon. While she was gone I tried watching "the Barbarian Invasions", so I could turn off the subtitles and try my comprehension skills against some fast-talking French-speaking Canadians. I managed to caught more than expected with the help of the rewind button. Alas, the DVD software died a few minutes in--looks like the DVD was scratched up. I traded it in for another copy at the library today.

Sunday Sara talked me into going to Gallup park for some China-themed event. We watched a few dragon-boat races, ate some free (tasty enough, but not unusual) Chinese food, then headed back home.

That night we stopped by our apartment complex's potluck. There was a guy Adam there who I've seen post on some local Ann Arbor forums defending odd 911 conspiracy theories and such with some of his friends. That easily-avoided character aside it was a pleasant enough group, including some we'd met before (Melissa, Erika) and some we hadn't.

I've been fishing through a big stack of random French-language stuff I bought at the library sale a couple years ago, looking for stuff to read. This weekend it was Marcel Pagnol's script for the movie "César" (which I've never seen; but perhaps I should). As with Jean de Florette it's about old folks with family secrets.