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I finally got around to finishing "Invasions Barbares". I think the best scenes were actually at the beginning, but it was all good. We also saw Disney's recent "Around the World in 80 Days", which was absurdly contrived, but had some good Jackie Chan bits that saved it from being a total waste of time. And we've been watching the occasional episode of "Buffy", on the strength of recommendations from a couple friends and of sharing a writer-director with "Firefly". It's OK, but not as interesting to either of us as Firefly.

The "bakeathon" testing event at work went well. I didn't have much testing to do, but I had a couple people that I wanted to get some work done with, which we did. And it was fun to have a few more people around the office. Trond and Laura's party was good.

One of the interns had a few of us over to see "Planet Earth". I have these vague memories of David Attenborough huffing and puffing to the top of this or that mountain to point out some obscure bird species on a BBC show that we saw on PBS occasionally when I was a kid, and I assumed this would be the same thing (and sorta wondered why it still had fans). But I guess it's a more recent series. There was lots of dramatic photography. It looked good projected on their wall, but was also a little too soothing--I slept through part.

My bookgroup's annual book-choosing meeting was last week. The group has grown in recent years, which makes the book-choosing a bit chaotic. I don't really remember what we chose or whether it was anything I was particularly excited about. The best part was actually talking to a few of the comics fans afterwards.

Our book for next month is Clive Barker's Weaveworld. I decided I didn't want to read it in order, so I'm reading every 221st page instead, wrapping around when I get to the end. It's got 548 pages, and the gcd of 221 and 548 is 1, so in the unlikely event that I keep this up (and don't mis-add at some point), I should eventually hit every page. Barker's writing style isn't to my taste. It tries a little hard to be poetic or something. But I have to make a good-faith effort to read it so I can go next month and trade experimental French comic books with another attendee.