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1 pint limit, heron, late snowfall, I want a circus

I had a good time with fellow linux-nfs people at the Arbor Brewing Company Thursday night, but forgot that 2 pints before bedtime seems to be 1 to many for me--on this occasion, at least, it was enough to wake me up sometime after 2 am Friday morning. I laid around a few more hours before giving up and going for an early start at work.

That made it a good day for menial work, so among other things I updated my laptop's Ubuntu Linux distribution to the beta release of their next version ("Hardy Heron") and debugged a couple small problems. It has lovely heron-themed artwork, and a wide variety of amusing new 3d desktop effects. In a few more days maybe I'll notice whether there've been more substantive improvements.

After a relatively warm week we got a big snowfall yesterday. I walked home, as the buses didn't look like they'd be keeping any sort of sane schedule. For 10 minutes or so of my walk (the broadway bridges up to Broadway) I was passing long lines of cars crawling along on their way home.

This morning Sara's uncle Ulrich stopped by on his way back from a conference. We had breakfast at Café Marie, toured Sara's lab, then got him an "Ulrich's" branded notebook at Ulrich's bookstore before seeing him off. The bookstore was a disappointment--the textbook section was closed off (is that normal or just a seasonal thing? I like browsing textbooks!), and they didn't have the small math or computer sections, or the big Dover collection, that I seem to recall them having before.

We watched a men's gymnastic meet with some friends in the evening. It's impressive for a while, but after I've seen a few people run through minor variations on the same few tricks, I start fantasizing about someone breaking the rules a little.

I think what the university really needs is a good circus school: something requiring just as much physical skill, but with real performance, creativity, and ideas mixed in.