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Saturday, Nov. 5

It was my birthday, so I got breakfast out. I chose the Cloverleaf. It's cheap, underrated, and not too noisy, unlike some of the other local places.

We went to juggling, then to Cottage Inn afterwards. I just went for the company, and had a hot apple cider--no need for food so soon after a big breakfast.

My parents gave me a bathrobe when I went off to college, but I must have lost it at some point. I don't remember when. I'd been complaining about the loss recently, so Sara made up for it with a soft fleece bathrobe as a birthday present.

My parents renewed our New Yorker subscription. I've actually started reading the articles, not just the cartoons. It's nice for travel, as I can take a bunch of old New Yorkers with me (they always pile up) and discard them as I read.