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Sun for Christmas

Saturday night Sara's friend Jon took us to dinner with his girlfriend Kris (no idea if that's the right spelling). We went to a nice Vietnamese restaurant where she was a regular and then got some gelato across the street.

Then today we met another of Sara's friends, Shelly, and joined her for an REI trip where she got a backpack for their friend Andi, and I finally replaced my shoes. I'd bought them about this time last year, and the soles were falling apart. We had some coffee then made a brief stop at Borders before parting ways.

The sun was back today, so we hung out laundry and ate lunch in the back yard. At night was the traditional christmas eve luminaria lighting and party. Sara and her dad left for the 9pm service at the local Unitarian-Universalist church, while her mom and I stayed behind.

Part of my plan for the evening was to populate the external hard drive I'm giving Sara for christmas with our digital photos. I'd brought my own drive with me for that purpose. But of course all my data is on an ext3 filesystem. No problem, I thought--even though I don't have a linux machine with me (aside from the Nokia 770, which can't act as a USB host), I could install ext3 drivers on her mom's XP machine. The drivers work fine, but Windows refuses to accept some of the directory names. I also tried a standalone program (expore2fs), but it doesn't seem to do recursive copies. So in the end I had to give up.