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weekend at home, hardware woes

Except for getting stuffed full of good (mostly indian) food Saturday night at a party at Sara's coworker May's house, I basically spent the weekend at home, reading and dealing with a computer computer problems.

One is the laptop. Its screen has a particularly high dpi (1400 by 1050 on a screen that's just 12"), which is why I wanted it, but also why there was a nearly two-month delay delivering the thing--no doubt some factory promised yields of these panels that they couldn't deliver. And now it's causing problems--the bottom part of the screen is distorted and shaky to the point of being unreadable. For a while it was intermittent, and could be temporarily fixed by wiggling the combination hinge/swivel connecting the panel to the machine, but Friday night it became constant, so I backed up a few odds and ends and then called Lenovo to have them pick it up and repair it.

I would have preferred to just open the thing up and take a look myself--maybe the fix will be as simple as reseating some connector, and that'd save having to wait for the repair--but as long as it's under warranty I guess I should be more careful.

My other problem is that the various laptop delays have made me painfully aware of how out of date my desktops at work are. So I spent some time reading up on the latest hardware. Even for a computer geek it's always a bit of a pain figuring out all this stuff. The web helps, but it's tough digging up reliable information amidst all the babble and the marketing.