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ascenseur pour l'échafaud, data structures

Sunday night we watched "ascenseur pour l'échafaud", Louis Malle's first full-length fiction movie. "Before that I'd only directed fish" he says, or words to that affect--his previous gig was with Jacques Cousteau! It has a Miles Davis score that everyone was very excited about, though it didn't make a big impression on me. Maybe it's a case of something innovative that's since become a cliché. I found the movie very funny, actually, though I'm not sure that's how it was meant to be taken. The humor stems from something about the characters' steady accumulation of terrible luck and predictably boneheaded decisions.

I spent much of today trying to understand an oddly tangled set of data structures which a coworker modified to improve some our authentication code. In the end I may be convinced that he did the right thing, but I keep thing there must be another way to do this that would confuse me less....

I got some groceries and a loaf of bread on the walk home, Sara made some nice soup, and we watched another episode of Firefly ("The Message", about an old war buddy that meets a tragic end). I cleaned up then stared at the problematic data structures a little while longer.