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summer continued

Weather was good for Top of the Park saturday night, and we enjoyed Nomo, though I with my cold I wasn't feeling too energetic.

So Sunday I stayed home and did some reading and a bit of house cleaning.

I've been doing something like full days at work this week, but not really concentrating very well. I manage to get a few things done each day, but feel like I waste more time than I use.

Tuesday night we saw Jeremy Kittel, an Ann Arbor fiddle champion who's since gotten a music degree at U.M. and moved to New York. It's sort of funny to see someone growing up on stage like that.

And tonight we met there again for a while, watched the second band with Dave for a little while, then caught the 9pm bus home.

Our weekly social event at work is Wednesday morning donuts. The main problem with it since I've been there is that the donuts have been terrible. The bagels, too. I don't get it--every street corner here seems to have some chain that churns vast quantities of perfectly fine bagels, so how hard can it be? How can you manage to be in the business of selling bagels and yet not manage to produce something that tastes even approximately like one? Anyway. We changed suppliers last week. Everything's much better now. I no longer stand by the baked goods saying "am I really so hungry that I must eat one of these? Which would be the least disgusting?"

I had a good talk with Chuck over lunch today about the delegations work I've been having one of our interns do. He seemed really interested, and had some good suggestions. It'll be interesting to see where that goes.