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It was a bit of a rush getting ready Wednesday morning, but the trip to the airport and the flight went fine, and Sara's dad was waiting for us in the parking lot just a short walk from the baggage return.

Wednesday nights are his jam session at Encanto park, but Sara and I decided we were too tired, and left to go to sleep early instead.

Except for some brief rain on Friday it's been sunny, so you can stay pretty warm outside, but the actual temperatures have been cold enough to get some frost at night, with highs under sixty. The house isn't heated, so for sitting around inside I'm actually dressed more warmly than I normally would be in Michigan. But I came prepared, so I've been pretty comfortable.

Sara's parents always feed us well. We usually don't eat out at all while we're here. And living in Arizona they're still producing a lot of good food from their yard even this time of year. Sometimes it feels like a large part of the day is devoted to preparing for or cleaning up after meals. Or, well, in my case, mostly watching other people do that.

They have DSL, but it's only usable from the one Windows machine, fine for the occasional email or web browsing, but awkward if I want to work with data from my laptop or something. Various attempts to hook up my laptop directly or to configure the little travel wireless router that came with me failed, thanks to Earthlink's stupid MAC address filtering and some problem I can't figure out with my router.

So Sunday we made a trip to Fry's to pick up a wireless router, which will also make it easier for Sara's mom to use her new laptop. It's strange how much that makes me feel back to normal.

My gift for Sara was due to arrive from Amazon today, but what came instead was an Amazon box with the correct tracking number on the outside but someone else's order on the inside. I went through their standard return procedure and, just for the heck of it, googled for the intended recipient and called her to let her know what happened. It'll get sorted out, but not till we're back in Michigan.