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There's a bus now that goes between Ann Arbor and the airport, so I figured I'd try it just out of curiosity. The bus itself is fast, but only comes every three hours or so, and only to one location well outside downtown Ann Arbor, so the whole trip ends up taking a while. They've got free wireless, which I tried and it was OK. I wonder how it works? It seemed to keep working through the tunnels, but gave out when we got to the parking garage area across from the terminal.

There was about an hour's delay leaving Minneapolis, but other than that both flights were routine.

At Connectathon I've found one good Linux bug, and a bunch of bugs in other people's stuff. Virtualization has been a big help--thanks to kvm I've essentially got four little virtual test machines running on my laptop that I can run experiments with without disturbing the rest of my work. There were some minor hassles getting it all set up, but it's worth it.

It's weird eating out all the time. I quickly find myself looking for the smallest things on every menu; it's easy to forget how rich restaurant food is, and how large the portions are.