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a report on the status of my status reports.

these days it seems like all i do is work on status reports.

overdue status reports, at that.

status of the nsf-sponsored gridnfs project (which ended a year ago), the sandia-sponsored secinfo project (which ended a year ago), the google project (which started last month but is already into it's seventh month, go figger).

i have a draft version of all of these reports, and in theory, they could all go out as soon as tomorrow.

now ... what shall i blog about?

weary storage guy

i'm in my usual transition between laptops, which means i am hauling around too many computers and too many disks.

this morning, i trudged to work with over 1.5 TB:

macbook (160 GB)
macbook pro (250 GB)
suspect 2.5" 250 GB S-ATA drive
suspect 2.5" 160 GB S-ATA drive
external 500 GB drive
external 200 GB drive

how do get all this gear to stop following me around?

favorite algebraic topologist

my favorite algebraic topologist is william thurston, if only because he is the only algebraic topologist i know.

we overlapped at princeton in the 80s, where he used to hang out with some of the computer science theory guys. (non-gender specific use of the word guys: andrea lapaugh was one of those guys.) of course thurston was a legend, having recently won the fields medal.

a puff piece had appeared in the student paper declaring that he could see the world in more than three dimensions. so one day, while heading downstairs for lunch, i asked him what the staircase looked like in four dimensions. he thought about it for a long time.

ok, that is a boring story. maybe i should tell my story about the time i got robert tarjan to say "motherfucker."

actually, that is a boring story, too.

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