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Saturday, Nov. 12

After juggling we talked the jugglers into going to Silvio's again. I thought my food was OK but not that interesting. Sara got something she really liked--more of a pizza crust with salad on top than an actual pizza--so now she's a big fan.

We hung out there long enough that Silvio came out and gave us some desert and remarked on our having showed up twice in a row.

Afterwards we discovered that Dave was doing a show with his improv group that night in Ypsilanti. So we arranged to go.

The show was fairly well attended, and it was fun to see Dave on stage--he's good at it. I didn't find it terrifically funny, though. I guess I have a limited tolerance for these improv games even when they're done extremely well. They tend to degenerate into silly nonsequitors. I don't feel like anyone gets the chance to come up with really interesting stuff.