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Bach and Wesnoth

I finally got through a tedious bit of Wesnoth, which turned out to be the next-to-last section of the game. The final segment was faster. Games like this are inherently a little tedious--you spend a lot of time positioning units on the board, and decisions sometimes come down to toting up probabilities which can depend on many factors. But for some reason I find this addictive. So, having finished, I immediately went back to some earlier parts of the game to figure out what would happened if I did a few things completely differently.

The last few days I've been fiddling with Brahm's left-hand piano arrangement of Bach's D minor Chaconne for solo violin. It's big, loud, repetive, and carthartic, and being forced to use one hand forces some decisions that are kind of fun. I worked on it a few years ago and then dropped it. Maybe I'll make another attempt.