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Sunday, Monday

It was cold outside, and I didn't want to go anywhere. I have no idea what I actually *did* do. Played some music and caught up on the bills, I guess.

My neighbors on Broadway are all big on a proposal to make the neighborhood a historic district, so I sent email to the same list of city council people cc'd to the neighborhood list, explaining why it didn't seem like such a hot idea to me. For what that's worth.

Maybe as a result of that I went to bed kind of tense and woke up early Monday morning. Which gave me time to take a shower, play a little, then go to work. Work actually went reasonably well and I felt like I got a few things done.

We went grocery shopping on the way home, made some soup for dinner, and watched about the first our of Troy. The fight scenes all look like Street Fighter. Maybe they should call it: "The Illiad: The Video Game". I was extremely disappointed that they skipped the catalog of ships. Terrible reading, but it'd work great in a movie, wouldn't it? Maybe it's in the extras someplace.