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Alien laundry

Monday morning I got up early (well, OK, not quite as late as I usually do) and did my laundry before work.

Tuesday night we saw Alien with our book group. I liked it a little better than I remembered, actually. There's nothing in there that really gets me excited, but it's well done. There were some complaints that we don't really care for the crew since they don't have clearly established relationships. Which is true. But I like it that way; there's something that seems more realistic about showing them as a loose group of irritable individuals.

Wednesday we went grocery shopping after work, then had pumpkin soup, bread, and salad for dinner.

Today it's been snowing most of the day; impractical but pretty. I didn't bring a lunch, so I held out till 4 or so and then came to Eastern Accents to eat a couple buns and do some more work, including reading a few patches people had mailed me weeks ago. I really need to improve my turnaround time--when I wait too long it just ends up being more difficult because people forget the code and can't answer my questions about it.