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Sunday: Taste of Ann Arbor, Buster Keaton, weather

I happened to notice yesterday a showing of a Buster Keaton movie at the Michigan Theater, with live accompaniment. We figured we'd go to "Taste of Ann Arbor" for lunch first.

"Taste of Ann Arbor" gives you the chance to eat on Main Street while standing up, in the sun and heat, amidst crowds of people, using some payment system that gives all the pleasures of dealing in a foreign currency with none of the bother of actually visiting a foreign country.

(OK, in its defense, there was a trebuchet flinging rubber chickens, which isn't something you see every day.)

Sara had a couple things; but thanks to Sara, I'd had a big pancake breakfast and figured I could hold out till dinner.

The movie, "the General", was great. Though I didn't understand why it had to be introduced by two people (a local film professor and the organist). It's not as though the movie particularly needs explaining. And I don't think they actually said much that you couldn't figure out on your own.

At night we had some nifty weather, one of the advantages of living in the midwest.