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It's some sort of rule that each room of more than a certain number of people in a hostel must have at least one with a spectacular snore.

When I stayed at the Fort Mason hostel a few years ago there was someone with an earth-moving rumble of a snore. I suppose it was just the contrast with the otherwise quiet surroundings, but at the time I remember being amazed that one person could make a noise that loud. And do it in their sleep!

Last night's wasn't a rumble so much as a piercing wheeze, like the buzzy sound you get if you let the air out of a balloon with the neck stretched out. Not as impressive, but still quite effective. I'm not sure what to do about that--is it acceptable to shake someone awake in that case? Would it accomplish anything?

Maybe I should try to make a recording to document this snore for posterity.

I saw the Urban Iditarod pass by today. In some ways it wasn't actually as cool as the local shopping cart races, since it was a big parade rather than a fast race.

There's a certain exhileration, though, to seeing something that ridiculous burst out across a major thoroughfare in a city as large as San Francisco.