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catching up?

For some reason the snore was greatly toned down my second night at the San Francisco hostel, so I didn't get a recording. Alas.

The one bizarre night-time annoyance was the guy that came in at 3am to call his girlfriend on his cellphone. He wouldn't stop when I asked, but he hung up soon enough--I guess it's awkward trying to talk to your girlfriend with a grumpy roommate glaring at you.

Hostel etiquette tips:

  1. The dorm room isn't a place to hang out at night--hostels always have common rooms for that.
  2. If you come into the dorm room after someone else has already gone to bed, your job is to get into your bed with the minimum noise possible. It is, however, permissible to flick on the light switch for a moment if you need it.
  3. Please don't hog the telephone/internet terminal/bathroom/other limited resource.
  4. If you notice someone else being totally obnoxious, ask them (politely) to stop. You may feel you're alone, but, like you, everyone else in earshot is actually just trying to decide whether it's worth waking up any further to complain themselves, or whether someone else will do it for them.

The third night I slept very well.

Since then I had a week of work followed by a week lying on my back with some kind of ugly flu that just wouldn't go away. My only accomplishment last week was to get caught up on my backlog of podcasts. My French comprehension is getting a little better.