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We showed up for part of Top of the Park again on Saturday, then stayed home Sunday. (Well, I did anyway--Sara actually went in to lab for a while.) Sara also made sandwiches (including the bread) and assorted lunch for the rest of the week.

After fiddling with the drupal themes for a while I found it was suddenly no longer inserting paragraph markers automatically, so all my blog entries are run together in one paragraph. I tried reading through the php code to figure out what was happening, but didn't get very far.

Monday night we showed up at ToP in time to see Nomo. It turned out that our former neighbor Ingrid plays trumpet in Nomo, and several people we knew were there. It was a big (8-9 people?) "afro-funk" band, with lots of percussion and horns, and Sara and I both liked it a lot.

We stayed to seem them inflate the movie screen and show "Big". Is there a term for these sort of mini-music-video segments in movies where there's no dialog, just a succession of short cuts with the music turned up? I'm not very fond of them. Every time one came up last night, I thought "if this were a musical, there could be singing and dancing here. What a waste."

The floor piano scene was cute, though, I guess. Usually when you see someone play an instrument in a movie, the sound and video are obviously unconnected, so it's nice to for once see a scene where they actually seem to be playing the "instrument" they claim to me. You could even hear the occasional note cluster when they landed on the edge of a key. (Though maybe there were stunt doubles and such--heads and feet weren't always visible in the same frame.)