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working late, surprise

I've been more motivated than usual by work; I worked a bit Sunday, and then was up late Monday and Tuesday nights trying to finish off a couple things that were really obsessing me, including the long-delayed project to emulate the full nfsv4 acl model using linux native posix draft acls. Staying up late also means I don't get to work till almost noon.

Today, though, was donuts, so I actually got in a little before 10.

This morning my sister sent me a picture of people I hadn't seen in fifteen years or so--the parents of the friend Shawn who lived across the street when I was in junior high and elementary school in Hampton Virginia. Apparently they'd called up my parents a few days ago to say they were in town, visiting Shawn and his family, who now live in Maryland. (The parents now live in Norfolk; we'd lost touch with them since they'd moved there from Hampton). So my parents had them over to dinner, and Shawn wasn't able to come, but his parents, wife, and kids were.

Shawn and I and the other neighborhood rode our bikes around a lot, played games, played with lego, and played D&D. We moved to Maryland when I started high school, and that's probably the last time when I've really known the people who were my neighbors.