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NFS, NFS, and more NFS

I recently read the 1985 paper "Design and Implementation or the Sun Network Filesystem", but didn't find much in there that was interesting to me.

Sunday, in a quest to figure out how chmod is actually used out in the wild, I went through log output we've been getting from a kernel patch of Andreas's that logs uses of the chmod system call. I also grepped through the entire filesystem looking for scripts that call "chmod".

Why are there so many programs that create a file and then immediately chmod it? Why couldn't they just get the umask and the create mode right?

Today was the first day of the Bakeathon here in Ann Arbor. I did a little more ACL work, some debugging, tried to help people set up a little, and talked with Greg Banks a little.

Several of us went out to the Arbor Brewing Company afterwards. It was pleasant enough, though a little noisy.