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drupal, work, sillyness, frustration

We finished "Shaolin Soccer" over dinner last night. Highly recommended. If you watch it on DVD, I'd go for the "Original Chinese Version"--the U.S. version seemed to have some of the odder bits edited out. The Chinese version, for example, has a longer, and stranger and more fun, version of the musical scene in front of the bun shop.

I didn't get much done at work today. I'd like it chalk it up to the cold I'm not quite recovered from, but it's probably just me.

Then I tried to upgrade drupal at night. It was much more of a pain than it should have been, but I managed to get it up to something that supposedly has known security problems fixed. When it first failed I was saved by the last resort of restoring (with just cp -a) the contents of /var/lib/mysql from a backup. Hope that doesn't screw up anything too badly....