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Frustratingly nonmobile home

They've been promising to move the Polhemus House across town for weeks now, and it seemed it might finally happen today. I think it sounds like great fun to watch them move a two-story house up Division, across the Broadway Bridges, to its final resting place on the north side, so I walked downtown this morning to go see what progress there had been.

But, not for the first time, I was disappointed. It's still sitting on wheels next to its original lot. According to the kid I talked to, there with an adult taking pictures, Detroit Edison was just to busy handling calls (maybe a result of yesterday's crazy winds?).

So I had a hot chocolate at Eastern Accents and then did a little grocery shopping on my way home.

Sara and I finished watching "The Terminal" over dinner last night. I checked it out in part because there was an article in the International Jugglers' Association magazine a while back about Kumar Pallana, which made him out to be an interesting character. His part in "The Terminal" is indeed a highlight of the movie.

I also went to juggling yesterday, then had dinner with Dave, Paul, and Micah at Saigon Garden afterwards.