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thanksgiving, games, aunt Helen, and more

Wednesday night we played Carcassonne. The last time I'd played was at Maria's, in January, 2005, so I needed the rules explained to me from scratch.
I wasn't sure it was the sort of game the others would like, but we all had a good time in the end.

We had a full turkey feast Thursday, and later Laura, a friend of Helen's, later brought us pumpkin pie, and we played Bohnanza. Sara, mom, Helen and I had fun, but Laura seemed to be getting a little tired.

I'm leaving out the perquacky and scrabble. We enjoy our games!

We picked up Aunt Helen at National Airport this evening and had dinner at the Crystal City Jaleo afterwards.

In between everything else I've been hacking away at the git documentation. There's a lot of material there, but somebody needs to sit down and think how it should all fit together--it's pretty disorganized, and, as a result, very disorienting for new users.