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more sleep deprivation, clean teeth

Several friends of ours are leaving around the end of the semester, including Ben to California, and Noé to Hawaii. So there was a party at Ben's house. It was fun, so we stayed too long and I didn't get to sleep till almost 3am, I think. My schedule hasn't quite returned to normal since then.

I like staying up late. It's peaceful, and for some reason I feel like I can concentrate better at the end of the day. I've actually gotten a fair amount of work done after Sara's gone to bed over the last few days.

But this schedule is incompatible with daily fact of the arrival of sunlight. And with daily obligations such as my 9am dental appointment this morning. So I'll have to return to normalcy some day.

The university's dental school has some kind of partially student-staffed dental service that I've never used, but have heard is extremely time consuming (if cheap). But there's also a regular dental office in the back that's staffed by faculty. I like it a lot--as with most places these days the dentists are busy and only see you for a brief time, it's big and not beautiful, but they seem very good, and (as you might expect from teachers) they seem to really like explaining stuff to you.

So anyway my appointment went fine (no cavities or anything), and my teeth are squeaky clean.