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too many movies

I checked out "Tout Va B!en" from the library and watched it over a couple days, then watched the interviews that came with it, in hope of understanding what it was all about. Gorin (who directed it with Godard) said something about political films normally being designed to explain something that everyone already agrees with, or to dramatize the struggle they're already a part of, whereas they wanted to raise questions. I guess that makes some sense out of the confusion.

We also re-watched Delicatessen with Jeunet's commentary. I still like the movie, but I'm not sure I learned much.

And then last night was the annual Smithee Awards. Well, sort of--normally they're in the spring, but every five years they have a special best-of-the-last-five-years thing. So a lot of the clips were familiar.

If anybody ever suggests that you watch "Zombie Lake", run.

Tommorow we leave for Arizona. There's lots to do between now and then.