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weekend at my parent's house

I made a little progress on the git documentation Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night we watched "Top Hat". I'd never seen a Fred and Ginger movie, and I'd been meaning to ever since reading Connie Willis's "Remake". I thought it was fun, but my parents rolled their eyes at it.

Sunday morning I went to the Takoma farmers market and Trader Joe's with my dad. My parents suggested I take the metro from there and spend the day downtown, which might have been smart, but I didn't really feel like going anywhere. It was fun anyway to get out of the house for a little while. I even enjoyed grocery shopping.

Sunday night we tried watching "Serenity", but my mom said she was tired and that it was too much of a war movie for her. I'd remembered the few episodes of "Firefly" I'd seen as a having more dialog (and more fun), and not so much fighting, but I watched the rest and found it really was a (quite grim) war movie. Pretty good, though.

Tommorow morning my mom and dad are off to Baltimore to see the eye doctor. My sister arrives in the afternoon. I agreed to have dinner ready around 5:30 and I'll need to plan a bit.