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I met my cousin Laura at a theater in Laurel to watch a silly Bollywood comedy. But due to some schedule confustion it turned out instead to be rather serious movie--still Bollywood, but there was only one song! and it was was completely in character and had a function in the plot! OK, but it (Eklavya) was actually pretty good. The photography was quite nice, and the scenery very dramatic, so it was worth seeing on the big screen. And it was good to get the chance to talk to Laura afterwards.

The drive there and back was a minor adventure for me, since I very rarely drive, even more rarely around here, and never before to this particular place; and since it was my sister's car, which I'd never driven before. And it's a stick shift, to boot--I learned on a stick, I can cope, but it just takes me a little time to get to used to the clutch on every new car I drive. That said, it turned out fine. I got there and back without getting lost or threatening anyone's life.

Other than that, life here in the Fields household has been pretty routine. After pizza Monday night, we had salad with fried vegetable sandwiches (ha--pizza again in disguise) Tuesday, and then butternut squash soup and spaghetti Wednesday night. And I've been getting some work done during the day. I make up for not having coworkers around by being more active on email and irc, which makes it all feel more social than you'd expect.

My dad left today for a long-looked-forward-to trip to ski in Colorado. With me leaving this weekend, that'll leave just my sister to look after our mom. But she seems to be doing well enough that it shouldn't be a problem.