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Friday night my high school friend Darren stopped by for dinner. I heated up some of my mom's Turkey soup, and made some whole wheat muffins and a Waldorf salad (based on my mom's suggestions--she makes it with yogurt and some honey and orange juice, instead of the usual mayonnaise). He seems to enjoy hanging out with my family as well, and after dinner he, Helen, and my mom, and I played a game of Carcasonne, and then (having worn out mom) a fiercely contested three-player game of Bohnanza. Helen and Darren and I then sat around and talked mainly about movies until he left for the night.

I checked my email just as I was ready to go to bed and found a surprise message from MJ, a good friend, fellow math student, and housemate from Reed. I'd known for a while that he was trying to get a job in the area, but it had been held up and I hadn't heard from him in a while, so I was starting to wonder.

Anyway, he'd been in his new apartment in Baltimore for a few weeks now and had just gotten his internet service up and running, hence the email. So saturday he stopped by earlier in the aftermoon and helped out with dinner--this time split pea soup, salad, and little pre-made frozen mushroom pocket things, and then we watched a fun episode of the Jeeves and Wooster TV series that I last remember seeing--oh, maybe in high school?

Sunday I took the train home, got little sleep (as usual), had a nice breakfast at Angelo's with Sara, and barely managed to keep my eyes propped up through a day of work before coming home and sleeping 12 hours.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a little better, though I'm still feeling a little tired and unproductive at work.