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Graham used to call his daughter "squiggly". Now that she's walking and talking, she's "sparky". It seems to fit. Saturday, the five of us had lunch at a new Indian place on main and did some miscellaneous book and grocery shopping.

I should qualify the "talking" thing--her pronunciation isn't quite there, so you have to concentrate a bit to understand, but mainly she doesn't quite seem to have figured out what this talking thing is for. It's all a game to her. She can ask for stuff, but a lot of the time she's just a random sentence machine, repeating the last thing you said, or telling some made-up story without much care for whether anyone's paying attention.

We parted ways in the early afternoon, and Sara and I went to the library, where I copied and assembled the tax returns. Sara read, and waited till it was time to go to a party at a co-worker's place. I was feeling slightly antisocial and behind at work, so after finishing with taxes I went to my office, and worked there (on a work project that I've let get too far behind) till late in the evening, then rode my bike home. It was snowing a little, but not cold, so the ride was pleasant.

Sunday I stayed home and worked on my fun-work project helping get git's documentation into shape. Work and hobbies all run together these days.

Monday I had a reasonably productive day at work, then did a grocery run at Busch's, arriving home with 40-some pounds of stuff loaded in the panniers. For dinner we had burritos and went through the Firefly DVD extras, which were pretty fluffy--I think I'd rather have just re-watched an episode.