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juggling festival

This weekend is the annual juggling festival, which I ran a few years ago, but don't any more. The main event was Saturday, at the usual place--a private sports center on the edge of town. Their main business appears to be soccer camps for kids, and we're only there because an ex-Ann Arbor juggler used to work there and was friends with the previous manager.

Friday and Sunday we had a little juggling on the diag, and Saturday night there was a party afterwards in the clubhouse at a nearby condo. We played a game of spoons--one of those spectacularly simple games that can still be fun every time. It's a tradition in Fred's family, and they like to tell the story that his family knew Deanna was OK when she not only joined in the family game, but actually drew blood on a particularly aggressive dive for a spoon.

I've got one or two juggling tricks that I've been learning off and on for a long time now, without seeming to make a great deal of progress. I should find easier stuff to work on; I just don't seem to have the singlemindedness required to learn really hard tricks these days.