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computer nerd

I finally managed to get in touch with someone sympathetic at Lenovo on Thursday. The solution seems to be to contact the Lenovo sales people and not the IBM repair people. So it looks like I'll end up with either a replacement or a refund. Given how long everything has taken, I think I'll have to give up and take the refund. I need something I can get some actual work done on.

The student interns are settling in. They seem like they'll be happy here. We got a big delivery of the components for five new desktops this week, which everybody put together. The only problem I've heard of so far is a faulty fan sensor, so one machine runs the fan at full speed all the time. If that's the only problem, I figure we did OK.

The weather's been lovely, so this was a two-juggling-day-week--in addition to juggling today, we spent a half-hour or so on the diag Tuesday night.

We watched "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge", which required a little more than the average suspension of disbelief (their idea of what a student's European holiday would look like is bizarre), but has some good moments. The plot holes are odd--people travel long distances without any explanation, and the ending leaves all sorts of loose ends. Does it matter? I don't know, honestly, it's not that hard to fill in those blanks for yourself, and I suppose I'd rather have another song-and-dance than boring plot mechanics.