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Fire at CITI

I got kind of a late start this morning, getting off the bus downtown around 11am. It was looking threatening, so I ducked into the library, just as it started to pour.

After working in the library for an hour it seemed calm enough outside so I walked to CITI, where I found the other staff standing around outside in the rain, fire trucks everywhere. Charles was huddled under an umbrella with a laptop--apparently the CITI wireless was still working fine and was reachable--trying to log into the power switch and shut down everything in the machine room.

Apparently lightening had struck an air conditioner and smoke was everywhere in the WUOM part of the building. Didn't seem like anyone had been hurt, though, and even the machines turned out fine and were back up later in the afternoon.

It wasn't obvious when they'd let us back in, though, and standing around in the drizzle for a long time didn't seem like the best idea, so I headed back to Eastern Accents, where I did a little work and had some bi-bim-bop.

I also tried to work some more in the library but wasn't concentrating very well. I did make a little debugging progress at least.

So I ended up just coming home a little earlier than usual.