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doctors and students

Peter's student Jiaying defended Tuesday morning; total audience: four committee members and me. Her talk was actually pretty good, but they have this odd rule about the questioning occurring between only the committee and the student which meant I probably missed the interesting part. I should have protested.

I juggled a little on the diag after work.

The last couple nights, Sara and I watched the first two episodes of the "new" (except, there's a newer one now maybe?) Doctor Who. I never watched the original, really, but to me this seemed to have a lot of the same flavor--despite the new effects technology, it still feels like most of the aliens have socks on their heads, and the second episode depended on a countdown to build suspense. They weren't really funny enough to make it worthwhile to me.

Today I spent some more time with our interns, getting one started on a new project, and trying out their distcc setup. It was fun.