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mimes on sticks

Sara's come down with my cold, now that I'm almost over it. Thursday night we both went straight home. We tried watching the beginning of "The Prestige". The beginning introduces a bunch of characters all at once, with scenes that are wildly out of chronological order, coming from at least 4 different points in the story. The dialog's a little hard to follow at points too. So it wasn't the best thing to watch over dinner. Sara said she was too tired after about 20 minutes. I ended up watching the rest on my own, finishing it last night after we got home from Top of the Park.

Top of the Park last night featured "Strange Fruit", an Australian group that doing a sort of mime show to music on top of tall swaying polls. It was visually very striking, though I don't know how long it would stay interesting. The choice of name seems a little odd, since the first thing it makes me think of is the Billy Holiday song.

We also saw a bluegrass band and the first set of two by Bugs Beddow before we left.