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OLS continued, continued

For some reason I woke up around 5:30 this morning and had trouble getting to sleep again, so I felt like I was sleep-walking through most of the day.

But I still managed to make it to three talks in the morning (on lguest, Zumastor, and SMB2), and get some long-delayed work done in the afternoon.

Afterwards I spent some time browsing at Chapters and Librarie du Soleil, where I picked up Trondheim's "La Couleur de l'Enfer", and Rabagliati's "Paul à la Pêche". The bookstore clerk was extremely enthusiastic about the latter, which follows a couple others ("Paul en Appartement", and "Paul a un Travail d'Été") that are wonderful. The first time I came out to OLS, the day after it ended, I picked up "Paul en Appartement" on a whim and took it down to the park overlooking the locks, just where the canal empties into the river, and had an extremely pleasant afternoon sitting on a park bench not believing my luck at having come across the book.

I stopped by a laundry near my B&B on my way back, but saw that it was about to close in a half hour, so decided to leave it tomorrow, and headed to the Thai restaurant a block away instead, where I had a good green curry and some mango ice cream before heading back "home" and turning in.