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pretty good

Citi seemed back to normal today. I actually got some work done.

I forgot to take any lunch. There were some berries I had sitting in the work fridge from Wednesday when I'd gotten them at the farmer's market and forgotten to bring them home. But cherries and strawberries don't really do it on their own.

So I was at Top of the Park as it started at seven, getting my pizza. I sat with Andy and his wife during the first band, which was pretty good, then sat with Sara to watch Andy's band Foobar. Which was also pretty good.

The sky was also impressive.

So, we had a good time. But by the third band we were ready to go, so we hopped on the 10 o'clock bus for home. The bus lets off near a path through the woods that has been full of fireflies, deer, and bats recently. The fireflies don't fly around much--they pretty much just sit around--but there are *lots* of them, so the cumulative effect is striking.