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labor day

Dean, a graduate student in the lab where I work, graduated this year and is leaving soon for a new job at IBM. So today Sara and I went to a party for him. We sat outside a few hours, ate and drank, were in turn eaten and drunk (thanks to a wide variety of insects), and chatted. It was nice mixture of new folks and people we knew from elsewhere.

Last night we went for a walk around the neighborhood with Ajit, ending up at Foods and Flavors, where we got some good takeout which we ended up eating at home, after giving up on a bench in Cedar Bend park--the mosquitoes were a little too aggressive, and the food a little too liquid to be convenient picnic food.

I also made a little progress on various projects, but my openmoko phone still isn't making calls; I'll have to make some time to tinker with that next weekend. And the regular cell phone is getting so little use that I'm wondering whether it was worth even the very minimal prepaid plan I bought. OK, maybe I should actually tell people the number.