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I returned the bad copy of "Invasions Barbares" and picked up another copy last week, but just got around to watching it last night after Sara had gone to bed. I saw about the first hour or so, with some rewinding to catch trickier dialog. There's one character, an apartment manager, that has just a sentence or two of dialog that I can't understand a single syllable of. I don't know if there's just an incredibly thick accent (what kind?) or some other language entirely.

Anyway, I was enjoying it, but it was also making me kind of tense. I had some idea it'd relax me to watch a little bit of something familiar before going to bed, so I watched some of "L'Auberge Espagnole". It didn't work. Movies just make me nervous for some reason. I should stick to books. I got to bed after midnight and was tired for most of the day, the first day of our more-or-less-annual CITI NFSv4 Bakeathon.

Besides late-night movie-watching, I also did some work Sunday, and stopped by Busch's for groceries on my way home. I don't know why I don't do that more often--it only takes an extra hour or so if I ride my bike.

Saturday we went to an art fair at the Matthaei Botanical gardens to see Dave's sister Heidi, who was showing her stained glass, and to see a silly performance involving three "gardeners" and a string trio (and punch and cake--hey, why pay to go to a concert when they could be paying you?).

Altogether I was outside (in unseasonably warm weather) for a little longer than I'd intended, so I took a nap on getting back, had some dinner, then went to Ajit's, where we finished the last two levels of the wonderfully silly "Rayman: Raving Rabbids".

Before the weekend, there was a week--anyway, that's the way it usually goes. I'll have to take it on faith, though, since I seem to have forgotten most of it. I know that I skipped my Wednesday French conversation group for the second time in a row, and I'll probably skip it again this week since Trond and Laura are having us over for dinner that night.