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mumbling frenchmen, groceries

Allthough he doesn't hold a candle to juggler Noé, who takes pride in his ability to speak unintelligibly fast in both French and English, the "400 blows" commentary track by Truffaut's childhood friend Robert Lacheney still left me mostly scratching my head. That no doubt has more to do with my comprehension skills than anything else.

But I finished muddling my way through it this morning, and got one amusing anecodate out of it: when he and Truffaut were teenagers, they were movie-obsessed, often seeing the same films over and over. In response to a noisy couple behind them, Lacheney turned around, hit the man with a newspaper, and said "le cinema est un lieu de silence et de travail!" (Or something like that.) Apparently the couple was shocked into submission.

Anyway, except for a grocery expedition to Busch's, we mostly stayed in.