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wet and muddy

I rode my bike most of this week, which also helped me take care of a few errands--Tuesday night I filled up the panniers with groceries from Busch's, this morning it was produce from the farmer's market, and then tonight I rode out to North Maple to get my driver's license renewed.

It was raining during all of today's biking. This is the first time I've ridden in the rain since the failure of one of my old panniers ripped the back of my rear fender off. Boy does it make a difference--I was getting a lot more water and mud sprayed on me. I've gotta fix that some day. I probably should have put on my rain pants, too. Fortunately the temperature was about right--just cold enough to keep me from sweating while riding with my jacket on, but not so cold to make my soaked legs hurt.

The driver's license renewal was quick and painless.