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rained out on the 4th of July

In the morning we walked downtown for the local 4th of July parade. Politicians like to throw candy to the spectators. Actually, *everyone* throws candy. So we had lots of candy.

The libraries were all closed, as was Eastern Accents. Those are the places I like to sit around and kill time. So it wasn't the best time to be sitting around downtown Ann Arbor. We ended up sitting in the math common room for a while. And we ate some candy.

The math social room looks weird.

At 7 we wanted to go see the Ann Arbor Civic Band do their Sousa marches and whatnot, but it started raining, hard, as soon as we got to Top of the Park. It didn't look like anyone from the Civic Band was even there, so I guess they were all smarter than us.

I also didn't have an umbrella, or even a jacket for that matter, none of the buses were running, and I just couldn't see walking in the rain 40 minutes. So we waited a really long time. The second band was also waiting there to see what happened, and one of their roadies handed us their CD. Maybe he thought our persistence was the sign of devoted fans....

Russ Collins's legs.

Finally, Sara talked me into walking to the museum. From there we got a taxi. It was the $3/person holiday fixed ride service--which came pretty quickly, actually. Question of the day: for the purposes of tipping, are they a taxi, or an extension of the bus system?