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Chambers and Stravinsky

Sara and I met for dinner at Sushi.come after work and then went to Hill to see Evan Chambers' "The Old Burying Ground", followed by "The Rite of Spring".

I don't think I've seen the latter in concert before, so I'd never realized how massive the orchestra is--the stage was packed. It was great to set right up front and get the full force of it.

And the Chambers premiere seemed very big too, though the orchestra wasn't quite as huge. It was beautiful, though I might still have preferred hearing it with just voice and piano in the basement of the library....


i ♡ stravinsky

I was humming it all the way home on the bus home last night! Well, no--I was beating it out with my mittens, actually--da da da da da DA da DA da da da da da DA da da da DA da da da DA ..."