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weather outages

The weather was terrible most of the week, so the only grocery shopping I ended up doing was one stop at the coop on the way home from work. So Sara finally went to Busch's today. I tried to make up for it by meeting her at the bus stop to help her carry the groceries back, and cleaning up the apartment while she was gone.

Tuesday night a particularly bad bit of weather knocked out our power. We went to sleep with it still out, so I don't know when it came back. In the morning my DSL was no longer working. This would be annoying for a normal person--for me it's a bit debilitating, as I also run a lot of services (this blog, for example--but more importantly my mail service) on my home desktop/server. I limped along for a couple days and finally just brought my home machine into work Friday. My ISP is still working on the problem; it looks like a bureaucratic screwup on AT&T's part, but it's hard to tell from the cascade of acronyms in comments the various techs regularly append to my online trouble ticket. The current claim is it'll be back Monday.

Anyway, I should find some more sensible hosting arrangement one of these days.

I did the French conversation group again Wednesday, and it went pretty well. I've also been listening to various French-language podcasts (well, actually radio shows from the Canadian and French national broadcasting services), but haven't found anything really engaging yet.

Yesterday Sara and I did a little shopping, visited her new School of Public Health office, and hung out with the jugglers for a while.

Today I've been mostly at home doing the aforementioned chores, catching up a little on the New Yorker, and getting a couple small pieces of work done.


Oh hey - you have comments now! I have a lot of German podcasts on my ipod these days, but mostly they're for learners. Some of them are still too hard for me.
- Little Sister

Weird--I just ran across the moderation queue by accident today--I had no idea these comments were lying around. Apologies!

My mp3-player situation is kinda lame right now, so my only language practice is library DVDs. Those mostly too hard. (But usualy fun, so hey.)